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Milk: Goat, Pasteurized

Country: Netherlands

Consistency: Firm

Accompaniment: Off-dry whites, fruity reds

It still surprises some of our customers that there is life beyond cow’s milk Gouda, in fact some of our most popular goat and sheep’s milk cheeses are if not straight-up then at least Gouda-style. Here is a perfect example of a very accessible Goat’s milk cheese. Even those that do not like goat’s milk cheese for its because it is “tangy” or “gamy” will admit that this is a nice tasting cheese and not too “goaty”.

Under the waxed rind of this young cheese, you will find a pale white interior, creamy in texture and mild and slightly sweet in flavor. Like so often with Goudas you may detect a bit of butterscotch.

Have this cheese with some dried meats or in a green salad.

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