Jasper Hill - Moses Sleeper

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Milk: Cow, Pasteurized

Country: USA, Greensboro VT

Texture: Semi-soft

Accompaniment: Medium red and dry to medium dry whites

Named after one of the revolutionary war scout who found an untimely end on the Bayley Hazen Road in Northern Kingdom VT, this cheese is the epitome of how far American artisanal cheese making has come. The milk is derived from a carefully developed herd of Ayrshire cattle, a breed that is known for its excellent cheese making milk. The land the animals graze on has been managed in such a way that it brings natural herbs and grasses to the milk. Last, but not least, Jasper Hill boasts a 20,000 square feet cave in which the cheeses (and those of colleagues in the area) are matured to perfection.

Moses Sleeper is a soft camembert-style cheese with a bloomy rind that has a pink blush in it, a result of the fact that the bacterium linens bacteria is present in the original cultures used at Jasper Hill. Do not be afraid though, the bacteria are not powerful enough to produce their regular odor. The semi-firm cheese has a rich flavor with herby and nutty overtones. The cheese will become creamier and more mushroomy with age.

Try this cheese with a dab of jam or some drizzled honey.

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Jasper Hill - Moses Sleeper
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