Polder Goat - Blanc

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Milk: Goat, Pasteurized

Country: Netherlands

Texture: Semi-firm

Accompaniment: Semi-sweet whites, fruity reds

This cheese is from Holland and aptly named Polder Goat. The cheese is made near Volendam, an old fishing town, that was cut off from the sea when the Dutch put a dike through what was then called the Zuiderzee (the South Sea) an inland sea directly off of the North Sea. The fishing fleet was re-located and the industry never really returned to the town.

For over 2000 years, the Dutch have been working to create more farmland by reclaiming land from the North Sea. They used windmills to pump water out, and then block water from coming back onto the dry land by a wall called a dike. As almost half the country is actually below sea level, it is no wonder that the Dutch are the tallest race in the world.


The dry land that is created by pumping out the water is called a polder. Polder Goat, the cheese, is a mild yet full flavor, pasteurized goat cheese, that was aged for 6 months on the farm of Henry Willig. It has a subdued goatiness and a smooth pate. A great cheese to have on a sandwich, in a salad or just to nibble on.




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Polder Goat - Blanc
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