Stärnächäs Affineur Walo

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Milk: Cow, Raw Milk

Country: Switzerland, Sankt  Gallen

Texture: Firm

Accompaniment: Medium reds, anything white

Stärnächäs or “Star Cheese” is an award winning cheese aged by master affineur Walo von Muehlenen (latest prize was the super gold at the 2015 World Cheese Awards). Ours is the “extrawuerzig” version which means it is allowed to develop a little bit extra flavor through longer aging.

The cheese is made in the style of an Appenzeller but the minimum of 8 months in the specialized caves bring out the more complex flavors in the cheese. The cheese has a silky texture with long lingering fruity and floral notes.

Have this cheese with some fresh fruit and/or dried meats.

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Stärnächäs Affineur Walo
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