Tomme Brebis Fedou

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Milk: Sheep, Raw Milk

Country: France, Languedoc

Texture: Semi-Hard

Accompaniment: Full bodied reds from the same region

The Fedou dairy is near Hyelzas on the limestone plateau of Mejean in the Languedoc Rousillon region in the south of France. The plateau is at around 400 ft elevation and known for its desolation (an average of 1.4 inhabitants per square kilometer). Poor soil conditions and absence of water make it practically unsuitable for agriculture. The heat in summer and the cold in winter make that only the hardiest of creatures survive. In short, this is sheep country par excellence.

The Tomme Brebis Fedou is a result of a conscious effort on the part of the farmers on the plateau to keep traditional raw milk cheeses alive. This approximately 3-month old cheese used to be made as a reserve for times when the sheep would not produce milk. It is a semi-hard cheese with a full flavor. The abundant herbs and grasses of the plateau are easily discernible in the cheese.

The cheese goes very well with fresh fruits.

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Tomme Brebis Fedou
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