Tramonto Rosso Sot la Trappe

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Milk: Cow, Raw

Country: Italy, Friuli and Veneto

Texture: Firm

Accompaniment: Red wine

 This cheese is one of a long line of Ubriaco cheeses. Ubriaco means drunk or drunken in Italian. It can also be spelled Umbriaco. This method of treating cheeses originates from ancient times in the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy where cheese was preserved by rubbing it with olive oil. When olive oil was scarce or expensive, grape pomace or wine was substituted to preserve cheese. 

Sot la Trape is a hard cheese made from cow's milk, which is soaked in wine after it has been aging for 30 days and covered with the crushed grape skins (grape pomace – the remains from pressing) for 8 to 10 days. The cheese is then allowed to further mature for four months. It results in a cheese with a pale paste and a dark purple rind and a firm, slightly crumbly texture and some tiny holes.

The cheese has a very clear winey aroma and flavor. The taste is savory with slightly sour notes.

Serving suggestion: cut into small triangles with some fruit paste.



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Tramonto Rosso Sot la Trappe
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