American Original Cheese class

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We all know the first thing that comes to mind when one hears "American Cheese" Yellow plastic wrapped squares good for melting..... This is not that!

We will be diving in an assortment of American Artisan made cheeses with our Manager, Michele an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese professional on the history of American cheeses and trying some amazing examples of just where we have come in the past 100 years or so. From Vermont to Wisconsin to Indiana to NJ there are cheeses made in all 50 states and we will be trying a selection of them along with some American made accompaniments! 

Class runs about 1 hour , only Non Alcoholic drinks are allowed in the class. We are limited in size! Please only 13 years and older for the class! 


Next Class Dates: 

  • Thursday July 25th at 7pm 

Classes are held in our shop 53 Palmer Square West Princeton NJ 


The class will be cancelled if fewer then 4 people sign up. 


*There is a 96 hour cancellation policy for all classes , there are no refunds for no shows or cancellation after 96 hours


We will send a reminder email a few days before the class.