Beechers Flagsheep

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Milk: Cow and Sheep, Pasteurized (more is the pity)
Country: USA, Seattle
Consistency: Firm
Accompaniment: Dry whites, fruity reds

Best known for their cow’s milk cheeses, we have been carrying their Flagship Reserve for many years now, Beecher’s realized its owner Kurt Dammeier’s lifelong love of sheep’s milk cheeses with this award winning cheese.

 Flagsheep is a unique Beecher’s cheese; it is only made in limited quantities at the Seattle Dairy. It is the only one Beecher’s cheese that incorporates sheep’s milk into the recipe.

 The flavor is dense, fruity and earthy with a caramel sweetness.  The Flagsheep is a 33% sheep’s milk cheese with the rest being cow and aged at 50 degrees and 90% humidity. Each wheel is rubbed with butter and hand-turned daily during the first two months then three times a week for the next two months. This cheese is a traditional cloth-bound and open-air aged which allows 14- 16% of moisture loss during the aging process.

 Beecher’s hard work has been recognized recently by being named Best of Show by the 2012 American Cheese Society.

 Have this cheese with some dried meats.

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Beechers Flagsheep
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