Blakesville Linedeline

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Milk: Goat, Pasteurized

Country: USA, Wisconsin       

Consistency: Soft

Rennet: Animal

Rind: Bloomy, covering ash layer.

Accompaniment: Sweet white wine

Blakesville Creamery of Port Washington, Wisconsin first opened their cheesemaking facility during the summer of 2020. Despite being fairly new to the caseiculture game, they have already managed to win numerous awards. Not to say that these awards are undeserved; a lot of care goes into the cheese, from the raising of their livestock to the final steps of cheese production. Lynde Uihlein, owner of Blakesville, states that “a farmstead creamery was [always] the goal”. Six years went towards building a herd comprised mostly of Saanen goats, which produce all of the milk for the creamery. They pride themselves in taking no shortcuts and fostering a careful balance of cheesemaking traditions and modern science, which is evident.

Linedeline is an ash-covered and center-lined soft ripening goat's milk cheese. It has a nice balance of tang and minerality with fresh lactic overtones.