Red Witch - Alpine-style

Milk: Cow, raw milk

Country: Switzerland, St Gallen

Accompaniment: Fruity reds, dry whites

Inspired by the Swiss tradition to dress up as demons, wizards and witches at Carnevale, a pre-Lent festival, the cheese is made by a 3rd generation cheese maker in an Appenzeller-style with brine wash containing paprika during the maturing stage.

We took this cheese on years ago at the end of October because of the picture of the witch on the broomstick. The cheese has not left the store since. We loved the idea of “red witch” in 4 different languages too as per the pictures on the right. Sadlly, it is now in English only.

The cheese is mild, creamy and nutty, with some Tyrosine crystals developing. The cheese has a definite aroma, a result of the washing, certainly not offensive, reminiscent of toasted nuts and bacon.

Have this cheese with some fresh fruit or dried sausage.