Boska Petit Paris Cutting Board

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Boska Petit Paris
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This solid oak wood cheese board, Wire Cutting Board Friends, will set the tone for every party. The cheese board has a cutting wire, which is easy to replace. This lets you cut soft and semi-hard cheese into perfection. You’ll be the architect, cutting it all just the way you like it. You could actually describe the Wire Cutting Board Friends as the cheese board 2.0.

Comes with a dome
Want to save some cheese for later? No problem – the cheese board comes with a plastic dome. This lets you store the cheese in a stylish way. The cheese will stay in perfect condition.

Let’s get cutting
You can go wild, cutting your favorite soft and semi-hard cheeses, thanks to the integrated cutting wire. The wire is not sharp, which makes it really safe to operate. You can cut perfectly straight lines with the wire. The set comes with three spare wires. There’ll be no accidents here!