Cherry Grove Oooumami Raw Milk Brie

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Milk: Raw Cow aged 60 days 

Texture: Soft 

Origin: USA Lawrenceville NJ

Every year we mess about with a few raw milk, high moisture cheeses, and on occasion they shine. This is the closest we’ve gotten to a raw milk Buttercup in the last two years. Aging these things can be a fickle drama, but we’ve pulled off a very tasty, unique raw milk cheese. The rind is rich garden of molds, 60% bloomy, 40 % other. The paste is just wee bit ripened to butter, the rest cream cheese-like. And the flavor! Think the rich mushroom n beef flavors of stroganoff, rich roasted/seared meat notes, and a little lemon acidity to offset it all. Good cheese! Raw milk

Made right in Lawrenceville NJ

Similiar to a Brie D Meux


Due to perishability this can not be shipped long distances from NJ!!!

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