Crema de Blue - Valley Shepherd Creamery

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Milk: Raw Cow aged for 65 days+

Texture: Semi-firm

Origin: USA, NJ

Accompaniments: anything sweet, preferably bubbly

Eran Wajswol and his wife are engineers and you can see that in the way they approached cheesemaking. They really made sure that they understood the process (by numerous visits to European cheese manufacturers) and were making the right choices for the cheeses they wanted to make. They chose to make a Pyrenean style sheep’s milk cheese and launched their first cheese 20 years ago. They now have more than 800 sheep, 200 goats and 50 cows, which allows them to make a large variety of cheeses.

The Crema de Blue is an experiment gone successful. They want all their cheese to be raw milk to bring all the natural flavors of the milk to the fore, so they had to make a blue cheese that could be aged in their caves for more than 60 days to be incompliance with the NJ raw milk rules. They stir the curd by hand to ensure that the cheese retains it fluffiness. The cheeses age in foil for thirty days and are then air dried to form their natural rind. The resulting cheese is still creamy, spicy and tart with hints of licorice.