Fine Cheese Company The Best Of MIller's Crackers

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Miller’s is a range of crackers to partner cheese, pâté and dips, created with honest values and an emphasis on the goodness of natural ingredients. It’s a range a miller would be proud to own.

First up, Miller’s Toast Cranberry & Raisin is a crunchy, twice-baked cracker generously studded with cranberries and raisins. These are charming in a canapé and splendid with soft cheese.

Miller’s Harvest Three-Seed then gives this selection a rustic-textured wholemeal cracker with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and linseeds. These are crisp, tangy and best served with earthy, full-flavoured cheeses, such as a Cheddar and territorial cheeses.

Rounding out the trio is Miller’s Damsels Buttermilk. Each cracker has a neutral flavour, created with honest values and an emphasis on simplicity, and goodness of natural ingredients. They make an ideal carrier for pâté, savoury spreads and cheese.