French Morello Cherry Jam

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France is among the 15 largest cherry producing countries in the world. Morello cherries are also known as cerises noir, black cherries and griottes. They are firm and juicy with a tart flavor. A bit tart eaten on their own, morello cherries are perfect for making jam. Pyrénées prepares their jam with 55% cherries, with the sugar balancing the fresh tartness of the fruit. The simple ingredients of cherries, sugar and pectin reveals the intensity and flavor of this sour cherry.


Top toast or bagels, use as a base for desserts such as tarts or turnovers, a topping for ice cream or on its own, hot or cold served with a dollop of whipped cream. Morello Cherry Jam complements French sheep's milk cheeses such as Istara, P'tit Basque and Agour Ossau-Iraty.

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