Manchego - Rosemary

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Manchego - Rosemary
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Milk: Sheep, Pasteurized

Country: Spain, La Mancha

Texture: Firm

Accompaniment: Medium to full bodied reds

Although made with the milk of the Manchega sheep in La Mancha, this cheese is disqualified from being called a Manchego because of what makes it attractive in the first place, its rosemary coating. The rosemary is not just a feast for the eyes it has a very definite impact on the taste of the cheese.

Rosemary is very common in the La Mancha landscape, so it is a natural accompaniment to this cheese. The pine-like fragrant flavor of the rosemary provides a great counterbalance to the rich sheep’s milk sweet nuttiness. The rosemary is slightly pressed into the rind of the cheese and over time provides the cheese with a complex herbal flavor pattern.

Have this cheese with some chorizo or dried fruits.