Robiola Due Latti

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Milk: Cow & Goat, Pasteurized

Country: Italy

Texture: Soft

Accompaniment: Red wine

Robiola Due Latti is made by the makers of some of the most phenomenal Alpine cheeses. The cheese makers at Alta Langa in the Piemont region of Northern Italy get their milk from cows and goats that graze the alpine meadows (the milk is sometimes transported down to the valley in the ski lifts that run in the area).

The Robiala Bosina (Due Latti) we have is a mix of cow and goat’s milk. It is never pressed so remains soft, light and smooth. Because the curds are drained naturally these cheeses tend to “run” and “weep” a little, which means that when left out at room temperature, you will find the cheese become softer and softer, increasing in flavor in the process.

It is a very approachable cheese and goes very well with a broad range of wines.

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Robiola Due Latti
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