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Milk: Cow, Raw Milk

Rennet: Animal

Country: Switzerland, Central Cantons

Accompaniment: Bold reds, off-dry whites


Sbrinz has been made in the central region of Switzerland for hundreds of years. 26 dairies make this cheese in the traditional copper kettles and it is aged in its area of origin. Our Sbrinz has been aged for a minimum of 24 months, which has allowed it to come to its full flavor potential (think Gruyere on steroids). Nuttiness abounds and the fact that it is made with milk from cows that graze alpine meadows (alpage) or being exclusively fed alpine hay ensures herby, flowery and grassy flavors.

The cheese may have gotten its name from the fact that it was collected in Brienz in the 16th century before being taken by mule over mountain passes to northern Italian markets, prompting the Italian “lo sbrinzo” to refer to the cheese.

The cheese has a lot of character and a good bite. A great alternative to Parmigiano or aged Provolone on pasta or a salad.