St. Andre Mini

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Mini 7oz Wheel

Milk: Cow, Pasteurized

Country: France

Texture: Soft

Accompaniment: Champagne or sparkling wines

A country cheesemaker started the St. Andre Creamery in Villefranche de Rouergue, France, (the famed region that gives us Roquefort cheese) back in 1928 to ensure the plentiful flow of fresh milk for his store. More than 40 years later, a soft-ripened, triple-cream cheese named St. Andre made its debut. With a taste described as a blend of the perfect brie mixed with equal parts of thick, sour cream and whipped sweet cream, St. Andre is a cheese for the uncompromising connoisseur in you. A soft-ripened cheese with bloomy rind, it has a downy white, edible rind with a smooth paste. Being made from cow's milk and enriched with pure cream, gourmands consider it a treasure. St. André is also fairly rare. Its "triple-creme" status means that this beauty has no less than 75% butterfat for every 100 grams of cheese. It's about 50% richer than the average Camembert, and it gets that way by adding more cream to the already rich curds during the cheesemaking process, resulting in a cheese that resembles a beautiful, velvet-coated cheesecake.

This sinful delicacy is beautifully paired with a light, fruity rosé or ale - and no cheeseboard should be served without it. To appreciate its nuance of flavors, we suggest indulging in this cheese at room temperature without the "distraction" of strongly flavored bread or crackers. Wait until the aftertaste of the cheese has "set" before taking a sip of wine or other accompaniments


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