Stanser Schafkaese

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Stanser Schafkaese
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Country: Switzerland, Nidwalden (Lake Lucerne)

Milk: Raw Sheep

Texture: Firm

Rennet: Animal


Sepp Barmettler, the acclaimed cheese maker at the dairy of the picturesque and historical protected little town of Stans at the shores of the Lake Lucerne, was one of the first to work with affineur Rolf Beeler. The Stanser Schafkäse with its natural rind is one of the many highlights of the Barmettler dairy. The milk comes from one herd that grazes on the slopes up to Alp Bleiki with the famous Buochserhorn (Buochser Peak) in sight. The cheese has intense sheep milk flavors, with a creamy finish though. Just marvelous.