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Milk: Goat, Pasteurized

Country: France, Loire Valley

Texture: Soft

Accompaniment: Fruity or semi-dry white for a young cheese milder red with a more mature cheese

Bucherondin, a soft goat’s cheese from France, was named after the fact that it comes in the shape of a log (buche in French). Like all soft goats’ cheeses it ripens form the outside in, so the ring you see just under the rind is where the cheese is ripening and the cheese’s flavor peaks. The inside of the cheese is crumbly and tangy making it an ideal salad cheese.

The cheese is made by mixing the milk and starter culture and a mold called Penicillium Candidum which will give the cheese its distinctive white bloomy rind. The curds are then put in a form that will give the cheese its shape and left to drain. After a few days of air drying the cheese is firm enough to be stored so that the mold can go to work on the outside of the cheese. The resulting rind is completely edible. The mold then starts to work its way to the inside of the cheese ultimately ripening and softening the entire cheese. The mold also protects the cheese against other molds and bacteria.

Bucheron was one of the first goat’s cheeses to be exported toAmerica and is still one of the most recognized cheeses. It is a favorite amongst chefs and caterers because it slices and crumbles so easily. Because of the tangy nature of the crumbly paste this cheese goes very well with membrillo (quince paste), fig paste or sweeter fruits

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