De Ruijter Mini Assorted Sprinkles (Hagelslag Puur)

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Have you tried the original De Ruijter Mini-Pack of Sprinkles and Flakes? Imported directly from Holland, De Ruijter Sprinkles and Flakes are a significant part of Dutch tradition. Chocolate sprinkles or Hagelslag, as they are commonly known, are named after hail, a very prominent weather phenomenon in the Netherlands. Made of fine chocolate with a high share of cacao, the sprinkles and flakes melt in your mouth, allowing you to relish the taste in every bite. These delicious confectionery candy flakes are suitable for cake-decorations, cookies, ice-cream, and sandwich toppings. Healthy and promising you of a sensational twist, you can never say no this De Ruijter mini pack! Available in all shapes and sizes, they have been with the Dutch people forever. Every celebration becomes more special if you pour the Wat-Dan-Ook from a De Ruijter package over it.

8 small packs of 3 flavors: Puur, Vruchten hagel and Melk