Lactose Free Cheeseboard Box

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Lactose free board
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Finally! A Lactose Free Cheeseboard everyone can enjoy! All you need to do it unwrap and add to your favorite cheese board and you have a complete Lactose free Board with Milk Free Crackers!

This Board has over 2 1/2 pounds of assorted cheeses and crackers that are Lactose free

The Kit contains: 

  • 1 box Marys Gone Crackers 
  • 1 box Gluten Free Crackers 
  • 1/2lb Grafton 2year old cheddar Cow's Milk US
  • 1/2lb Rougette Brie Cow's Milk Germany 
  • 1/2lb Bruder Basil Cow's Milk Germany 
  • 1/2lb Beemster XO Cow's Milk Holland 
  • 1/2lb Beemster Vlasskass Cow's Milk Holland


(substitutions may be made due to availability)