Provolone (Guffanti, 3 yr aged)

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Milk: Cow, Unpasteurized

Country: Italy, Valpadana Lombardy

Texture: Hard

Accompaniment: Bold reds

This is a cheese with as much character as a cheese can have. It is cut from an 80lb ball of pasta filata that was made in the plains of Valpadana in the region of Lombardy, an area traditionally known for its cheese making. Provolone can have a variety of shapes; ours comes in the traditional truncated cone shape

Although often presumed to originate from southern Italy most provolone comes from the northern regions.

The older the cheese gets the “spicier” it will become in nature. Our provolone is tangy, sweet and spicy all at the same time. Try this cheese with fresh fruit.

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Provolone (Guffanti, 3 yr aged)
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1 Review

Vic461 29th Dec 2016

Guffanti Provolone

If you like sharp, full flavored provolone, this is the one for you. Expensive, but worth it!

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