New Jersey , The Garden state of Local cheeses

New Jersey , The Garden state of Local cheeses

Posted by NJcheesegirl on 23rd Jun 2021

If I ask most people what New Jersey is famous for, most people will mention the beaches, the Sopranos, Jersey shore , tomatoes, pork roll  and occasionally someone will say the smell that is Elizabeth. 

No one ever thinks of why New Jersey is called the garden state. New Jersey has many farms and we are known for some of the best tomatoes, blueberries, peaches and strawberries in the country. New Jersey also is well known as a key grower of cranberries in the US. But did you know we have some amazing local cheese makers and dairy farms right here in NJ?

At Olsson's we like to feature local and more unique cheeses that you can not purchase at the supermarket. We have a relationship with a few local farms that are no more then 40 mins away. 

Our largest local supplier is Valley Shepherd Creamery in Long Valley NJ. They specialize in cave aged sheep, goat and cow's milk cheeses made in small batches. Some of our favorites that we often carry are: Oldwick Shepherd, Fresh Goat cheese with black truffles, Pepato and Valley Thunder, a caved aged raw milk cheddar. 

We also pair with our neighbor in Lawrenceville, Cherry Grove Farms to bring in some of their farmstead cheeses they make using their own milk from their own herd. We always carry their Havilah, a firm gouda style cheese with hints of pineapple and often we get their limited edition raw milk brie OOOmaumi. They are hyper local to us and we love to work with them! 

We sometimes also get cheeses from other New Jersey cheesemakers, and we work hard at Olsson's to share with everyone that New Jersey is called the Garden state for a reason and we have some very innovative and wonderful cheesemakers right here in our backyard! Check out our local selection in our shop and online, we also have a great selection of Amish farmstead cheeses made by our neighbors in Lancaster PA!