Beemster Goat

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Milk: Goat, Pasteurized

Country: Netherlands, North Holland

Texture: Firm

Accompaniment: Sweeter whites, medium reds, beer

Beemster cheeses are made by a 100 year old farmers coop roughly located within the confines of a piece of reclaimed land (Beemster Polder). The lush grass growing on what was once the bottom of a lake, produces some of the best milk in The Netherlands. The cheese made with this milk is one of a kind. It is typically 20% less salty than other Gouda type cheese made in The Netherlands.

Beemster Goat is aged for a around 4 months and by the time we sell it to our customers, it is nearer the 6 months mark. Decidedly different from fresh chèvre, this cheese is sure to please even those who are not goat cheese connoisseurs, making it the perfect introductory cheese for consumers new to the goat category. The cheese is smooth and refreshing and has a wonderfully clean, sweet taste.

 The cheese asks for something sweet or savory as a side.

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Beemster Goat
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