Melkbus 149 - Raw milk Gouda from a single farm with Black Truffle

Milk: Cow, Raw Milk

Country: Netherlands, Holland

Accompaniment: Dry whites, fruity reds

Cheeses with the Melkbus name are made on single family farms and distinguished by the addition of a number exclusively used by that farm. Recipes and methods used, adhere closely to the traditions of Dutch farmhouse cheese production with the exception that shavings of Italian black truffles are added to the curds prior to pressing the cheese. The cheeses spend the first few weeks of the aging process maturing on the farms where they are made. They are then transferred to “De Producent” - a 98 year old aging facility located in the center of the city of Gouda. It’s here the cheese is aged in a natural environment on wooden boards until ready for sale.

The resulting cheese has a semi-firm and supple consistency and is creamy and milky with very clear earthy undertones. The truffle is very apparent both visually and flavor-wise.