Novell by Montbru - a Catalan thing of beauty

Milk: Goat, pasteurized

Rennet: Animal

Country: Spain, Cataluna

Texture: Semi-firm

Accompaniment: Medium-bodied reds, fruity whites

The roots of the Montbru cheese company go back to 1450 for the site of their farm. There is evidence to suggest that the first cheeses were made there for the local market around 1890 (probably a typical Catalan cheese from that time called mato). The present owners of the farm started to make goat’s milk cheese in 1981 and created the Montbru brand in 1989.

Novell is one of their most successful goat’s milk cheeses. It is a beautiful velvety cheese (due to the natural molds that are introduced on the cheese surface). It is lactic, smooth and mild, yet complex in flavor profile.

Novell is a wonderful snacking cheese in combination with some dried (Spanish) meats and fresh fruit.