Blu 61 Casearia Carpenedo

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Milk: Cow, Pasteurized

Country: Italy, Veneto

Consistency: Semi-firm

Accompaniment: Fruity reds, off-dry whites, port and dessert wines


Antonio Carpenedo of La Casearia created this cheese in 2011 and named it Blu 61 after the year he married his wife of fifty years Giuseppina. Antonio is no stranger to wine soaked cheeses that are so typical for the Veneto region. In the olden days when olive oil was either scarce or expensive, cheese was given a preservative treatment by dunking it in wine..


Blu 61 is aged over three months using local sweet wine Passito di Raboso and wine soaked cranberries. The resulting cheese is extremely creamy with a great balance of the tanginess of the blue mold and the fruitiness that the aging brings.


This is a perfect after dinner cheese it will beat any form of fruit cake.