Point Reyes Blue

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Point Reyes Blue
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Milk: Cow, Unpasteurized

Country: USA, California

Texture: Soft

Accompaniment: Bold, fruity reds or Port

Point Reyes Blue is named after the place it is made, Point Reyes Station from beautiful Marin County CA. The secret to this unique cheese lies in its great combination of unpasteurized milk that is taken from a closed herd of Holstein cows that graze on the certified organic, lush green pastures (helped by the coastal fog) overlooking the steep jagged cliffs off the Pacific coast.

The salty, Pacific breezes help cure and age the cheese and accentuate the cheese’s unique flavor patterns. The cheese is aged for at least six months, so that the blue mold can really form and develop the sea-blue veins. It allows the cheese to retain its creamy nature and luscious flavor patterns. A cheese true to its terroir.