Boska Amigo Cheese Board and Tool Set

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Amigo Cheese Set
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Treat your family and friends to the most delicious cheese boards with the Cheese Set Amigo. This complete set includes a beechwood serving board and three Copenhagen knives. The knives are lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and make the ideal cheese knives for any type of cheese. 

Perfect for cheese lovers
This set provides you with everything you need to enjoy a delicious cheese board. The compact stainless steel knives are dishwasher safe and extremely lightweight. Your cheese will look even more delectable when presented on this beechwood board. The perfect gift set for true cheese lovers.

Ideal for any type of cheese
The knife with the holes in the blade is ideal for softer cheeses. The holes prevent the cheese from sticking. The forked tip can be used to pick up semi-hard and hard cheeses, allowing you to serve the pieces to guests without having to touch them with your hands. Very hard cheeses can be easily cut using the knife with the sharp tip.

Beechwood board
The serving board included in this set is made of beechwood. After using, wash the board by hand and allow it to dry upright. Spray the serving board once a month with Boska Board Oil. This helps protect it against stains, odors and splitting. Allowing you to enjoy the set for many years to come.


Bonus included!! Mini Monaco cheese slicer!