Divina Sour Cherry Spread

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Divina Sour Cherry Spread
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Summer-ripe​ ​cherries​ ​pack​ ​a​ ​tart​ ​but​ ​sweet​ ​punch​ ​in​ ​this​ ​luscious​ ​spread straight​ ​from​ ​Greece.​ ​Cherries are particularly rich in antioxidants and known to be potent inflammation fighters. Surprisingly, they have also been seen as a source of melatonin, which helps regulate the sleep cycle. Divina Sour Cherry Spread ​brings​ bright​,​ fruit flavor​ ​to​ ​breakfast​ ​toast​ ​and​ ​serves​ ​as​ ​the perfect​ ​complement​ ​to​ ​round​ ​out​ ​a​ ​savory​ ​cheese​ ​plate. This all-natural,​ ​non-GMO, gluten-free​ ​jam​ has just four ingredients, so spread it on thick!