Gjetost 8 oz.

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Gjetost—pronounced ‘yay-toast’—is a Norwegian cheese made of cream, milk, and whey. Traditionally made from goat milk, this staple gets it unusual brown color from caramelized milk sugars. Gjetost is like a dense fudge with a slightly tart finish that melts into a creamy, peanut butter-like consistency. It is also called brunost or brown cheese, and is typically served on thin crisp crackers with a layer of butter and fruit preserve.

Surprise dinner guests with a dessert fondue made of gjetost, heavy cream, and a dash of bourbon. Or serve it with dried figs and apricots as a postprandial accompaniment to tawny port wine. It also makes a delicious addition to pasta sauce, making it creamy and adding layers of flavor. My favorite way to enjoy this Norwegian delicacy is to grill it on pecan raisin bread and pair it with a cup of Colombian roast.