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Milk: Goat, Pasteurized

Country: Spain, Castille y Leon

Texture: Soft

Accompaniment: Something a little sweeter to offset the tang

This wonderful goat’s milk cheese may remind you of another cheese gem from Spain, Monte Enebro. However, both terroir and milk are different. Leonora is from the dry, arid hills just north of Madrid (giving it its name), whereas the Monte Enebro is from north of Barcelona. The Leonora is made with milk of a single herd of Nigerian dwarf goats, and do they produce some flavorful milk! Monte Enebro is made with a mixture of milks from goats of local farms.

Like the Monte Enebro, the Leonora’s white, slightly flakey paste is covered in ash but the cheesemaker allows the bloomy rind to come back through. Unlike the Monte Enebro there is no brush with a blue cheese mold on the rind.

The flavor pattern is definitely tangy and meaty with bright grass and lemon overtones and a lingering finish.

Try this gem of a cheese with some dried meat.

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