Leyden Cheese

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Milk: Cow, Pasteurized

Country: Netherlands, all areas

Texture: Firm 

Accompaniment: Lager, dry whites, softer reds

Leyden or Leidse Kaas is a variety of cumin cheese (komijnekaas) that was prevalent around the city of Leiden in Holland. It is made with semi-skimmed milk which was a traditional by-product of the buttermaking that went on on the farms. Instead of feeding the calves this milk some farmers started making a lower fat cheese. To add some extra flavor they decided to add cumin seeds to the cheese.

The cheese is typically matured for 6-9 months and the cumin gives the cheese a very distinct flavor. The cheese is very comparable to an Edam cheese which is also \made from semi-skimmed milk, but less creamy than a Gouda that uses full fat milk.

Try this cheese with some cured meats or dried fruits.

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Leyden Cheese
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