Leyden Cheese

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Milk: Cow, Pasteurized

Country: Netherlands, all areas

Texture: Firm 

Accompaniment: Lager, dry whites, softer reds

Leyden or Leidse Kaas is a variety of cumin cheese (komijnekaas) that was prevalent around the city of Leiden in Holland. It is made with semi-skimmed milk which was a traditional by-product of the buttermaking that went on on the farms. Instead of feeding the calves this milk some farmers started making a lower fat cheese. To add some extra flavor they decided to add cumin seeds to the cheese.

The cheese is typically matured for 6-9 months and the cumin gives the cheese a very distinct flavor. The cheese is very comparable to an Edam cheese which is also \made from semi-skimmed milk, but less creamy than a Gouda that uses full fat milk.

Try this cheese with some cured meats or dried fruits.

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Leyden Cheese
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1 Review

JoAnn Galloway 24th Aug 2020

Leyden cheese

It was packed very well and arrived in perfect condition. This cheese is SO good, and brings back wonderful memories.of my Dutch heritage.

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