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Milk: Sheep, Pasteurized

Country: Greece

Consistency: Semi-firm

Accompaniment: Anything goes


Manouri is a semi firm, fresh, white cheese made with whey resulting from Feta production in central and western Macedonia and Thessalia. It can be either goat or sheep or a combination of the two. Milk and/or cream are added to give the cheese a smoother consistency. It is much milder than Feta and contains far less salt.


Manouri has a slightly grainy creamy texture and a milky taste with a mild citrus flavor. I


It crumbles very easily and is a popular cheese to use in salads, pastries, as a dessert cheese, and in other dishes. Wherever a sweet, rich cheese is used, consider Manouri. In the store we recommend it as a substitute for Mozzarella to give salads a little more vavoom and to put on top of tomatoes with basil, olive oil and black pepper rather than the other way around.