Pecorino Romano

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Milk: Sheep, Raw Milk

Rennet: Animal

Country: Italy, Sardinia, Lazio and Grosseto

Consistency: Hard

Accompaniment: Red wine preferably full bodied, off-dry whites and anything else sweet


Pecorino is a generic name for any cheese made with sheep’s milk. The Pecorino Romano is what most people in this country refer to when they ask for Pecorino, but we may carry as many as 5 or 6 different varieties at a time. Our pecorinos will vary in consistency and flavor profiles mainly determined by age and terroir.


Pecorino Romano is now mainly produced on the island of Sardinia where at any time you can find a million sheep or more. We tend to stock the ‘stagionato’ variety of this cheese, which means that it has been aged for at least a year. The ‘stagionato’ has had time to develop its nuttiness and sharpness and is salty enough that if you use it over pasta you can skip salting the pasta.