Prairie Breeze

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Milk: Cow, Pasteurized milk, Vegetarian rennet

Country: USA, Iowa

Accompaniment: Beer, Fuller reds, Off-dry whites


Made at Milton Creamery in the Southeast of Iowa by the Musser family who work with a cooperative of small Amish farms that all do not use any growth hormones.


The cows are grass fed through most of the year which gives the cheese its background flavor. The more than 9 months of aging give the cheese a nice tyrosine crunch and a good bite.


Galen Musser who is in charge of the creamery brought home his first cheese award when he was 17. For the Prairie Breeze he developed a culture that gives the cheese a cheddar style sourness while at the same time giving it a Gruyere-style sweetness.


Have this cheese with some fresh fruit or dried meats.