Deer Creek Blue Jay

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Milk: Cow, Pasteurized

Rennet: Microbial (suitable for vegetarians)

Country: USA, WI

Texture: semi-Soft

Accompaniment: Off-dry whites, medium to full-bodied reds, Belgian Triples


Chris Gentine the founder of the Artisan Cheese Exchange in Wisconsin set out to design his own line of cheeses without producing any of it. Instead, he has some of the best cheddar makers in Wisconsin work his recipes into award winning cheeses for the Deer Creek label.

The Blue Jay cheese gets its name from The Golden Story Book of River Bend, Chris’s favorite boyhood story book. The cheese is a Quintuple, i.e. 5 extra portions of cream are added, with crushed juniper berries infused throughout (botanicals - here we come). The cheese is buttery creamy with complex flavors and a very discernible piney aftertaste.

The cheese won Gold at the International Cheese Awards in 2021.

Obvious food pairings: melted on burgers and steaks, fresh fruit and charcuterie